Terms & Conditions

We extremely value your privacy to the bottom of our hearts. Therefore you will certainly find that for all our online orders we only use a worldwide most established and reliable payment gateway system to process your order. We will never reveal your contact details to outsourcing parties, and will only keep your data for particular promotions as soon as they arrive, which you may also opt out of at any time by either emailing us and letting us identify. If you have any kinds of queries or confusions, then kindly email us at info@shoqz-fashionz.com.

1) Each and every product of ours comes religiously with a month's money back guarantee subject to the fact that normal wear & tear applies.
2) We stand as an international company and we also process orders to be dispatched immediately from our international base of suppliers.
3) Satisfaction of our customer belongs to one of our topmost priority and your feedback in this regard is highly essential in order to improve our service continuously.
4) Refunds and exchange are only issued once we receive back the item(s) and conditions as per below criteria:
I) We will refund or exchange if an item is that is delivered comes out to be defective however please be assured that all orders are 100% quality inspected and date stamped in compliment with photo evidence against your invoice prior to the process of shipment.
ii) For the sake of exchanging an incorrectly ordered item, please don't hesitate to email us at E-mail:info@shoqz-fashionz.com.

iii & iv) The process and timeframe for receiving your requested replacement item(s) will be detailed specifically in your RMA
v) We cannot refund or either exchange an item that has been priory ordered with ANY severely requested alteration (this also involves non-standard underneath leg length measurement change alterations, if specifically requested upon order), so kindly provide your measurements at your own particular risk
vi) We cannot accept returns that have been brought into use or damaged in the process of transit due to packaging so please make sure that item(s) are packaged as well as insured appropriately with proof of postage.

Web page Content and Rights Reservation:

We always deserve the rights to alter any information on our page anytime whenever we feel needed. If this renovation occurs after placing an order on our website for our item, and if the potential purchasers are not contented with our items, they would be religiously liable to return or exchange the item completely as per our company's policy.

Risk of Worm and Virus:

We can never guarantee in any case that any file or program which is available for download/ execution from or via this site is free from the tremors of viruses or other conditions which could severely harm or interfere with data, hardware as well as software with which it might be utilized. It is your own responsibility to scan any such affected data for worms and viruses. You assume all kinds of risk of use of all kinds of programs and files over this site, and you release shoqz-fashionz.com completely of all such roles and responsibility for any such consequences of its usage.

Policy of Pricing:

We offer our items in three prominent currencies on our website for your comfort. You have valid option to pay us in USD ($), GBP (£) or even Euro (€). In the case of other currency, we also have exchange options available which can be processed upon request. Moreover, the method of payment can also be adopted as per your own conveniences such as PAYPAL or any other reliable service.

Legal Rules and Regulations:

The Terms and Conditions in compliment with all our policies are genuinely made and interpreted in accordance to the American Law and Jurisdiction. We are keenly inclined to render our services under the subsequent rules of US Law.

In case of any kind of unlikely dispute between the buyer and shoqz-fashionz.com will first try to resolve the matter with mutual understanding otherwise both parties accept these Terms and Conditions and will settle it through binding mediation in terms of validation or termination of a particular thing.

Consumer Feedback Related Information:

All kinds of ratings, comments, reviews as well as suggestions which are sent to shoqz-fashionz.com are done by virtue of post, phone, email, online forms or left elsewhere on the website by the visitors and are offered in line with the use of this reliable website which shall be a belonging of shoqz-fashionz.com and those can be genuinely used by shoqz-fashionz.com or their own particular affiliates in any way and they shall under no compulsion be liable to pay for any such information or to respond to it.