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  Men's Brown Sheepskin Trench Coat

$170.00 Ex Tax: $170.00

CHRISTMAS MEN'S TRENCH COAT:The Men's Trench Coat is an excellent style for freezing weather and the gatherings that come in this season. As we all will be celebrating Christmas and then New Year soon, so, do you have enough layers for your body as the weather is expected to be harsh? These events are very joyful when you spend time on the streets, and there should be a maximum coverage of warmth ..

 Men's Grey Sheepskin Trench Coat

$170.00 Ex Tax: $170.00

Men's Grey Trench Coat:Do you still need to decide what you will wear on Christmas eve and the New Year party? There are so many designs that you can love and pick. As we all know, a man always styles with a trench coat, especially for an event where he wants to look amazingly handsome. So why do you not try this Men’s Grey Sheepskin Leather Coat at upcoming events? This costume is beautifully sti..

12 Dates of Christmas Dominick Whelton Black Trench Coat

$155.00 Ex Tax: $155.00

Dominick Whelton Black Trench Coat:Stylishness is a word that indicates the personality of fashion-forward people. Being a trendsetter, every guy should own some latest designs in the wardrobe that may be perfect for all instant situations. For this winter, great coverage is a factor that no one can ignore, try this Christmas Dominick Whelton Wool Coat. It is quite attractive and becoming a hot-se..

A Series Of Unfortunate Events Neil Patrick Harris Trench Coat

$140.00 $185.00 Ex Tax: $140.00

Winter outfits always need a special service and we think most are well aware of it. If you need a costume which is inspired by a famous series “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”. This outer layer is available in knee-length and we are offering it in wool and cotton both materials with smooth inner lining. This is a perfect attire which can easily wear in the office and easy goings. The main hi..

American Gangster Denzel Washington Leather Coat

$180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00

Achieve a charming, striking look with this unimaginable long coat. It is an in vogue pick from the well-known dramatization film American Gangster has worn by Denzel Washington. The Denzel American Gangster Coat is sliced richly to full length utilizing the genuine leather material that gives a tasteful outline. It has been done with an astonishing lapel neckline pursued by a noteworthy fron..

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Evie Frye Coat

$160.00 $180.00 Ex Tax: $160.00

Assassins Creed is a famous video game and people love to play it and try to adopt its costumes. We have a wide range of outfits; this Syndicate Evie Frye coat is one of them. It is a unique style that is considered a perfect attire for Cosplay parties; however, it can wear in casual routine also. Our experts have designed it in red and black color combination. Genuine leather is utilized whi..

Assassins Creed Syndicate Jacob Frye Costume Leather Coat

$110.00 $135.00 Ex Tax: $110.00

Assassins Creed Syndicate Jacob Frye Costume Leather CoatThis is one leather coat that you cannot afford to miss if you are a diehard fan of the popular video game Assassin's Creed. It is inspired by the outfit of the main protagonist Jacob Frye and looks awesome.  The coat has wide lapel collars and buttoned closures at the front. It has a beautiful leather belt along the waist and a hoodie ..

Avengers Age Of Ultron Chris Hemsworth Trench Coat

$130.00 $179.00 Ex Tax: $130.00

The most conventional official attire for a man is a Blazer style. These outfits are considered the most acceptable dress code for business meetings. We have lots of choices in our collection and most of them are inspired by films and dramas. This medium-length coat has taken from The Avengers Age Of Ultron. This costume has the quality to enhance personality beautifully. We have replicated i..

Avengers Infinity War Chadwick Boseman Black Coat

$135.00 Ex Tax: $135.00

Chadwick Boseman Black CoatThis isn't a normal coat it is something that is finely structured with unadulterated wool material also mollified with viscose covering inside. The lapel neckline and snazzy two-fold-breasted conclusions are keeping up the flare. When you need to convey your assets two side pockets and two inside pockets are wide to hold!If you are a devotee of the Avengers Infinity..

Bane Swedish Bomber Shearling Leather Jacket

$150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Bane Swedish Bomber Jacket:Shearling is the best material for freezing weather, and its immense quality against cold makes people compelled to have it in their wardrobe. The fabric is used in jackets, coats, and vests; even now, it combines with denim and cotton. These all-fashion pieces provide better coverage according to the temperature, and stylishness is always their unavoidable factor. ..

Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Ben Affleck Coat

$125.00 $189.00 Ex Tax: $125.00

 Dawn Of Justice Ben Affleck CoatWe are going to introduce a new design that suggests perfect attire for the spring and summer seasons. Do you have enough choices in your wardrobe according to the current season? If not, don’t worry, we will make your closet as perfect as a celebrity collection. This is a beautiful coat of cotton material. It is the inspiration for Batman V Superman Dawn O..

Blade Wesley Snipes Trench Black Coat

$180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00

Long coats play a vital role in the winter as these have the quality to give perfect protection according to season. They are made in all types of material. We have brought something very unique and stylish. This is an inspiration from Blade and Wesley Snipes wore it in this movie. This is a best costume according to his character. We made it in genuine leather material with inner best and hig..

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spike Trench Leather Costume Coat

$145.00 $220.00 Ex Tax: $145.00

SLAYER SPIKE BUFFY THE VAMPIRE TRENCH COAT People who love to watch vampires’ movies are well–known for Buffy's The Vampire Slayer. This was a famous supernatural drama series in America. People loved to watch it and also try to copy their costumes. Which was rare before, but now we have all costumes of your loved ones. Nothing is unreachable for you. We are presenting a trench coat from t..

Christmas Comes Twice Michael Xavier Grey Wool-Blend Coat

$140.00 $280.00 Ex Tax: $140.00

CHRISTMAS COMES TWICE MICHAEL XAVIER COAT:A guy might look attractive without a formal two-piece suit, but unfortunately, he cannot look fantastic without a wool coat; yes, having a decent and latest design in this category has become a compulsion for men. Most ladies see the dressing style in a man's personality, and a costume in this stuff with decent vibes can make him a hero of the evening. So..

Daddy's Home 2 Mel Gibson (Kurt Mayron) Black Coat

$130.00 $155.00 Ex Tax: $130.00

Mel Gibson Daddy's Home 2 CoatDaddy’s Home 2 was a comedy film in 2017. People loved this movie a lot. This is the story that covers the entire family with the father’s problems very effectively. Actually, this is the story of two fathers, their kids, and their co-parenting issues, although all have been sorted out in the end and all live happily. Mel Gibson has worn a black coat, which got a lot ..

Doctor Who John Barrowman Trench Coat

$130.00 $195.00 Ex Tax: $130.00

Some characters are able to keep them remember in every era. Dr, Who is just like that. We are coming with his stunning and mysterious look for you. So, be ready to pick a new styles and fashion pieces.  Get Captain Jack Harkness Trench Coat for every one of your season's necessities worn by well known John Barrowman from Torchwood and keep yourself looking stylish and elegant throughout ..

Fallout Vegas Veteran Ranger Trench Real Leather Coat

$165.00 $300.00 Ex Tax: $165.00

This is a very beautiful and stylish cosplay costume jacket for men. It is inspired by the outfit of a character form the video game Fallout New Vegas. This leather coat with cape on shoulders has been designed to give you a very impressive personality when attending a theme party. The cape has A7 written on the back. It also has a floral design made on one side. The coat carries multipl..

Gambit Channing Tatum Trench Leather Coat

$160.00 $195.00 Ex Tax: $160.00

The brown color is always liked by millions of people. This considers the friendly shade as it can easily match with all types of dresses. If this color is available in the outer layer of the body, it means your day is made. We are sharing an outstanding fashion coat that will enhance your personality and give you an eye-catching look at the gatherings. This Gambit Channing Tatum costume look..

Gotham David Mazouz Trench Coat

$130.00 $189.00 Ex Tax: $130.00

Gotham David Mazouz Trench CoatThis Gotham Bruce Wayne Coat comes in blue color and is made with cotton material, however, the inner has a smooth viscose lining. This outfit has a medium length with some other stunning features. It has a lapel collar, front button closing, and full sleeves with a stylish cuff. This is the perfect attire for any man who wants to look awesome in all gatherings. Th..

House Of The Dragon Matt Smith (Prince Daemon Targaryen) Coat

$160.00 Ex Tax: $160.00

House Of The Dragon Matt Smith Coat:The Cosplay and Halloween, both exciting events, have been passed, and we are sure, being a fashion lover, you did a great job with your fashion. But the celebrations are still pending as Christmas and New Year are coming shortly. As we are the style guru of many trendsetters, we present an excellent costume for your consideration. It is Daemon Targary..

Justified Timothy Olyphant Black Trench Coat

$125.00 Ex Tax: $125.00

Justified Timothy Olyphant Black Trench CoatSometimes people a simple and elegant outfit that fulfills official and casual both clothing requirements. We made it in different materials, like cotton, suede, and wool. You can order as per your needs. It is a complete package of attire. It comes in black color and inner viscose lining is provided with all types of stuff. It has a simple lapel col..

Robert Pattinson The Batman (Bruce Wayne) Coat

$130.00 Ex Tax: $130.00

ROBERT PATTINSON THE BATMAN (BRUCE WAYNE) COATThe joint statement we hear from everyone is that Robert Pattinson is so stylish. He is one of the most handsome guys in the world. The Twilight man now appears as Bruce Wayne in the famous film The Batman. His looks in this trench coat are unique, and the same design is available at Shoqz Fashionz in an affordable range. We prepare this outfit in wool..

Spy Jason Statham Trench Coat

$120.00 $170.00 Ex Tax: $120.00

Jason Statham is a famous actor; we see him as a fighter sometimes or as a Spy somewhere. He is perfect in all characters.This Spy coat is an intriguing one that has been enlivened by a big name but advances in the main look. All things considered; it has been fabricated with the decision of cotton material. Be that as it may, the beige shading it speaks to give an exceptionally unpretentious..

Steampunk Gothic Double Breasted Trench Costume Coat

$115.00 $180.00 Ex Tax: $115.00

Now the time has come that you should own this Steampunk Gothic costume. Yes, now we are rich in this type of collection. Now you can give a chance to yourself to adore your personality. This fashion piece will change your personality and gives you an eye-catching look everywhere. This fantastic outfit is available in the double-breasted style that comprises with big and attractive buttons. T..

Suicide Squad Will Smith Leather Trench Coat

$150.00 $180.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Will Smith is an amazing and talented actor in Hollywood. He is viewed as the king of acting. He was additionally shown up in Suicide Squad, which was the blockbuster film of 2016. He looked magnificent and shocking. Here we are presenting his outfit that is his motivation, however, it will give you an awesome look all over the place. This brown color outfit is made with genuine leather that w..

Sweeney Todd Johnny Depp Trench Coat

$150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Johnny Depp is an American on-screen actor; he is extremely prevalent and has been selected multiple times for Golden Globe Award. Almost certainly he is a capable man.  His fans are frantic to copy his closet. We have a rich assortment of his wardrobe. This is a medium-length coat that is made with genuine leather. We offer it an appealing color. The features of this outfit are, a lapel..

The World's End Simon Pegg Trench Coat

$145.00 $189.00 Ex Tax: $145.00

Some of the time, the design can turn out from surprising spots. This stunning Simon Pegg The World's End black channel cover accompanies top quality fleece and is about knee length size to give you a genuine sentiment of the style. It has a hard-dark shading surface with inward extravagance lining for outrageous solace. This outfit has full-length sleeves and lapel style mitigated collars th..

Trigun Vash The Stampede Trench Coat

$180.00 $220.00 Ex Tax: $180.00

The outfit we are going to introduce is an inspiration for "The Trigun". This Vash the Stampede Trigun Trench The coat is comprised of premium quality genuine leather material. It is accessible in exquisite maroon in shading. The costume has a high-quality style neckline with an entire length front catch conclusion style. It has full sleeves with belted cuffs plan. It is without a doubt ideal ..

Turlock Shearling Trench Leather Coat

$170.00 Ex Tax: $170.00

TURLOCK SHEARLING TRENCH LEATHER COAT No wardrobe completes with a jacket or coat. Materials vary, but people must have a couple of pieces in the closet. For an innovative look this season, we offer this Turlock Men's Shearling Trench coat; yes, a coat with shearling means extreme coverage in the coldest weather.  It is an ideal approach for winter dinners and evening meet-ups. We uti..

Watchmen Rorschach Leather Trench Coat

$160.00 $195.00 Ex Tax: $160.00

Watchmen doesn’t only provide ideas related to jackets, its costume designing is perfect and we find more catchy outfits from this series. This shocking trench coat is made by utilizing the best nature of genuine leather in brown color. The costume has a knee-length cover with highlights incorporate wide, sharp lapel neckline with the twofold breasted buttoned conclusion in body coordinate sh..

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Blazers and Coats for Winter 2022

Clothing always has a very impactful role to play in a person’s personality; therefore, when looking for the finest options in the winter season, the best approach is investing in blazers and coats.

If you are inclined to purchase the right blazers and coats, you will love to read below. Here you will find the best-looking coats for winter, and you will love to invest in them to carry during the winter season.

So, let's read below and look at the options available for you to grab in the year 2022 for the winter season.



This trench coat is a simple-looking option but very trendy and stylish at first look. The making amounts are in sheepskin leather that offers sufficient warmth and durability. So, having this coat could be one of the best ideas to look forward to.


The jacket has fur-based collars and sleeves in full length. The front side also has pockets, which are zipper pockets and pockets with a flapped closure. The sleeves are full-length, and the cuffs have a zipper closure.


The inner lining is also very soft and comfortable with the sizes offered in variations. It has a brown-colored base, which gives it a neutral look offering a beauty that goes well with all kinds of attires. There is a belt on the waist and on the sleeves that enhance the look of this coat uniquely.



Television series are loved and cherished by almost everyone, and if you are also interested in them, then choosing a trench coat could be a great idea. This coat is from the 12 Dates of Christmas series and has a simple yet trendy look.

 The coat has sleeves full length and the front closure of the button over the black-colored base. The inner lining is soft viscose, which adds a lot of comfort and durability. The spread collars also enhance this coat's beauty, and pockets are given at the front, making it look unique.

 There are multiple sizes to go for, which may be customized according to your requirement. So choosing it for casual wear could be a great idea to look forward to.



If you love watching thrilling movies, you must have also watched American Gangster and must know about Denzel Washington, who played the role of Frank Lucas in the movie. He has performed well in the movie and has even dressed very well.

This coat is leather and features an inner viscose lining with many comforts, followed by long-lasting durability. The base color of this leather jacket is black and has a full length of sleeves.

There is a front closure of buttons, and it comes with many pockets inside and outside. The stitching of this coat is also offered with perfect finishing, and its trendy look makes it a suitable option to invest in.

There are so many size options, and the layout of this coat is so amazing that it could be paired with all kinds of attires and goes well with jeans.



Everyone would love to have hands-on experience in Avengers Age of Ultron, this role is known by the famous name Chris Hemsworth, and the fans would always look forward to having it. The layout and finish of this coat are the same as the ones worn by celebrities.

The making of this coat amounts to be of cotton material, one of the most comfortable and long-lasting materials to choose from, followed by an inner lining made using viscose. The sleeves are full-length, and the front has a button closure.

Multiple pockets are given on this coat, and collars are in a notched style. You can choose any size in this jacket, and if you are not comfortable with the given sizes, you can also have the customized version of the size you want.



Assassins Creed needs no introduction, and when it comes to carrying the costume inspired by the same, you must look forward to this leather coat.

The black colored base is all glossy because of the leather making, and the inner lining is made with viscose material. The quilted patterns over the collars are amazing, and there is a hood at the back.

The closure features a buttoned layout, and a belt on the waistline enhances the look and finish of this coat. Sleeves are in full length, and various pockets make it something unique by all means.

There are so many sizes to choose from, and you can always make it paired up with a variation of clothing options, and it looks perfect with a pair of jeans.

These coats are so good and comfortable that everyone would love to invest in them. The best part is that if you add them to your collection for winter wear, you will always have something nice to wear in different instances. So, why not grab some options today and enhance your look?


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any chance of size and design customization for any of the above-suggested coats?

Ans. Yes, you can have the design customized, and when it comes to size, you can also have it customized. You can share your required designs and size measurements with us by emailing them.


2. What are the different payment methods that we can choose for purchasing coats?

Ans. You can choose between paying through your credit card or by Amazon pay or PayPal, as these are the official payment modes we accept.


3. Is there a chance you will return or exchange the coat if it doesn't fit me?

Ans. You can return or exchange the coat if you wish to, but within 30 days only after this, we don't cater for any return or exchange.


4. What are the delivery timings for the coats ordered?

Ans. If you order something already present in our stock, then we will take around 7 to 10 days. However, if you customize any design or size, the time taken for the delivery amounts to be around 20 days.