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Why Brad Pitt’s Style in Fight Club Still gives a spark 20 Years Later Pitt,  the man who has hearts of millions of women produced a lot of blockbuster movies and one of them was FC Which still packs a punch even after 20 years. The drama thriller film was released in 1999. Well, we cannot talk about the movie but we can Surely talk about the fashion and styles of the movie. Tyler Durden ( Brad Pitt) is a part of a very dangerous Fight Club that is underground. The acting,  the action, and the costumes all just very captivating and amazing.


Michael Kaplan visited an upscale Vintage store, Decades located in melrose Avenue. Kaplan wanted something different so he mixed gently used,  quirky clothing with modern clothing in order to make the wardrobe of Brad Pitt Mor live in and distinct. He found 1970 Gucci loafers paired them with newspaper print jeans, and also found that great jacket. He loves to shop at decades and the store has become the Vintage hot shopping Arena for stars.

In order to find the right style for Brad Pitt in Fight Club, the costume designer roamed around many thrift shops and because the character Tyler was a squatter who had no money that means that his clothing was definitely going to be from a thrift shop. After all, he settled for camouflage pants, distressed leather jacket, muskrat coat, and printed T-shirts.


Talking about the Magpie hipster look which consisted of light and warm tones one of the greatest jackets that Brad Pitt was seen wearing a lot in the movie was that red blazer like a tight-fitting jacket. Normal people can not wear it without looking as if they are up to something and want to look like a fictional character, and why not !? if it's Halloween. Well, the costume designers said that there is nothing as going too far and prepare a dye that almost has a shade of dried blood. Keeping in mind the Charisma and the color of the jacket were the visuals of the upcoming violence in the movie. The character showed exactly that he had no money and he had a discerning taste And Eye for the clothing.

Talking about the detailing on the Fight Club jacket,  on the shoulders, there are white sections, also there are white stripes at the sleeves. There is a button strap along with a round short collar and two streamlined pockets. The sleeves are multiple quilted accents stitched. The leather very much seems original and it is stretched in such a way which would make the person wearing it feel very comfortable. There is four-button breast closure and the collar is a lapel style. The color red can be used as a symbol of power, urgency, and of course passion which was missing in the narrator's life in the movie. The white double stitching on all the existing edges and those back and front yokes and also that large shirt style collar were just remarkable in the jacket. Talking about the yoke the front yoke goes down straight horizontal across the upper chest and the back yoke has stitching which is going down to the long vent from each of the Yoke points to the bottom and it is double-pointed.

There are a total of four red buttons on this single-breasted jacket on down the front and flap patch pockets on each hip. On the sleeves, the white double stitching is done. Without the tabs or buttons, the jacket contains plain cuffs.


Award of replicas exists in shops all over the world and many designers have replicated this design and turned it into similar sort of jacket with the same design. Such as the jacket in the black color that literally wore brad Pitt and fitted his style. Full along with quilted part,   featuring erect collar, multiple front and inner pockets, zip fastening on the front, there are  stripes on the sleeves consisting of color red

Another replica jacket is the men's Mayhem leather jacket which has a quilted design and the color black. The back is plain there are four zipper pockets with two pockets on each side, along the Four Arms there are quilted design patterns and it is made up of leather and also has a front full zipper closure.


This red color jacket is his inspiration for our customers. Our experts replicated it with genuine leather. If you are a true fan of him, you can’t ignore this super passionate attire.  Its main highlights are lapel collar, front button closing, full sleeves, and spacious multiple pockets.

  • Red color
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Also available in faux leather
  • Inner viscose lining
  • Lapel collar
  • Full sleeves
  • Front buttoned closing
  • Spacious multiple pockets
  • 50-day return and exchange policy


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